The farm has 4 trout dams, breathtaking scenery, mountain spring water, fresh air, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, adventure motorbiking and the most amazing stars at night.


Trout Fishing

The farm has 4 lodges, 4 trout dams. During the period form April to October trout fishing is the most popular activity.


Hiking & Rock Climbing

Breathtaking scenery, mountain spring water, fresh air, and the most amazing stars at night for the avid hiker or rock climber.


Wild Life

Due to all the dams on the farm we have an abundance of bird- and animal life. We have four fish eagles that regularly take some trout from the dams. Various types of small antelope, wild-cats and jackal, monkeys and baboons frequent the farm. There also an abundance of insects on which the trout feeds, the most noticeable at night in summer are the fireflies. Farm animals to be found includes ducks, geese, pot-belly pigs and cattle. We also have bee-hives on the farm which is the only restricted area for guests.


Adventure Motorcycling

Troutways is owned and managed by adventure bikers. The farm has been used exclusively for trout fishing – but we believe that it is also ideal for adventure bike riders as a basis from where the eastern escarpment, the Low-veld, eastern High-veld and Swaziland can be explored.

The area has a rich history which can be explored as part of the adventure, including parts of the Oosterlijn-railway line and bridges that was commissioned in 1895, the well-known Stone Circles – a heritage from previous civilisations that lived in the area long before bikes were designed.

Troutways is a member of Roam Africa a well-known adventure biking forum and we invite all Forum members ‘Meerkatte’ to come and explore and get a 10% discount.

We can arrange guided rides from Gauteng to the farm with sleep-overs, riding the eastern-escarpment for groups between 10 and 24 people.