Troutways Private Retreat

The perfect get-away…

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Troutways is owned and managed by adventure bikers.  The farm has been used exclusively for trout fishing  – but we believe that it is also ideal for adventure bike riders as a basis from where the eastern escarpment, the Low-veld, eastern High-veld and Swaziland can be explored.

The area has a rich history which can be explored as part of the adventure, including parts of the Oosterlijn-railway line and bridges that was commissioned in 1895, the well-known Stone Circles – a heritage from previous civilisations that lived in the area long before bikes were designed.

Troutways is a member of Roam Africa a well-known adventure biking forum and we invite  all Forum members to come and explore  and get a 10% discount.

We can arrange guided rides from Gauteng to the farm with sleep-overs, riding the eastern-escarpment for groups between 10 and 24 people.

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